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Rainy Day Weddings

July 30, 2017  •  1 Comment

I absolutely love a good rainy day wedding!

Why? (You might ask). Ok here me out....

As a photographer not only are you looking for great photo opportunities throughout the day of the wedding (which water always creates!), but technically there are quite a few challenges that present themselves at very sunny weddings eg. unwanted shadows (often created by large hats!), shiney skin patches, people squinting and closing their eyes in pictures, sweat patches, and uncomfortable guests especially those wearing suits and children - you see where I'm going with this?!

On a rainy day, we often get moody or dramatic skies and the light is often easy to work with. And If it is getting dark, with a nearby light source or off camera flash - your photographer can highlight the rain fall making it look like confetti, or use umbrellas to create some really artistic images

....Plus there really is nothing more romantic than a bride and groom kissing in the rain!

So if you are worrying about it raining on your wedding day, DON'T! Any good photographer can deal with any weather conditions and get the best photo's of your day. Just dig out your umbrellas and wellies and embrace it! (Devon Portfolio couples - no need to worry about buying these, we will come already armed with a boot full of umbrellas in various shapes, colours and styles, just in case).

Remember, it isn't great weather that makes a great wedding.... it's great people.

Here are a few of my favourite rainy day photo's starting with my wedding couple from last Saturday - who's wedding was utterly brilliant, and very romantic, thanks to the rain! x












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